Books by Virginia Stibbs Anami

Encounters With Ancient Beijing: Its Legacy of Trees, Stone and Water
(2004, China Intercontinental Press, English)

Looking at Beijing within the framework of trees, stone and water is a way of appreciating the city’s heritage, based on a special relationship of man and nature. In the process of exploring Beijing’s ancient ruins, what I often found as markers of the past were a well or a spring, a could of gnarled pines and sometimes a stele or an abandoned stone cave. They took on the mantle of the sites’ history. It was these three aspects of nature that held Beijing’s past. They helped me define and respond to the sites I was searching for. Often they maintained the atmosphere of these places, long after the rituals there ceased.They also helped me remember one place from another and gave me their energy. Moreover, they led me to the people of Beijing, who readily shared their knowledge and stories.
Included in the more than 150 short essays are those marked “Unforgettable People” to commemorate a number of those special encounters. Find out more >>

Magnificent Trees of Beijing
(2007, Sanlian Shudian, English and Chinese)

This book is a celebration of those trees that have a link with history, that have stories to tell.To hunt and visit the well-known and remarkable trees of Beijing is actually a journey of discovery, not just around the capital; city, but a trip through the ages. These majestic trees scattered around the city and their environs, make a map of Beijing’s past.
Noted environmental protectionist, Mr. Liang Congjie, noted that “While appreciating her exquisitely photographed pictures of the old trees, we should try to understand the ‘historical annual rings’ of Beijing. Only by doing so can we do justice to Virginia Anami’s original intention to look for and photograph those trees that have become landmarks of old Beijing.Virginia Anami never photographs an object just for its own sake, but in its human most trees are found in old temples and villages.” Find out more >>

Following the Tracks of Ennin’s 9th C. Journey, the Diary of a Japanese Monk Revived in Today’s China
(2007, China Intercontinental Press, English, Japanese and Chinese )

This books follows the path of Ennin as he searched for Buddhist knowledge in Tang Dynasty China.For over twenty-five years, Virginia Anami photographed and wrote of her encounters and reflections on the Diary through seven provinces of today’s China.She found that through the study of Ennin’s saga, we can get an insight into a man of enormous fortitude and one of Japan’s first global citizens. Her Japanese translator, Haruko Koike, wrote “The passageways where the Japanese distinguished monk walked 1,200 years ago have been brought to life again by this energetic woman.” Find out more >>

円仁慈覚大師の足跡を訪ねて 今よみがえる唐代中国の旅
(2007/10/25, Random House-Kodansha, Japanese )

838年、最後の遣唐使として大海を越え、唐に渡った天台宗の高僧・円仁(のちに慈覚大師)。五台山で最高峰の密教を学び、国際都市・長安で世界の人々と交わり、廃仏毀釈の実態を目撃した彼は、9年間におよぶ詳細な旅の記録を『入唐求法巡礼行記』に綴っていた。それから1200年あまりのち、『入唐求法巡礼行記』はエドウィン・O・ライシャワー元駐日大使の著作によって世界中に伝えられ、現在では世界的名紀行文のひとつに数えられている。このライシャワーの研究に触発されたアメリカ人女性、阿南・ヴァージニア・史代は、円仁の足跡をくまなくたどることを決意する。25年の歳月を経てついに完結した彼女の旅の記録からは、悠久の歴史ロマンと、現代中国の息吹が鮮やかに浮かび上がってくる。 Find out more >>

千年の都・北京 樹と石と水の物語
(2008/7/3, 武田ランダムハウスジャパン, Japanese )

ガイドブックには絶対に載っていない北京へ―。1983年以来、北京の街の隅々をカメラ片手に歩き続け、人びとの話に耳を傾けてきた“歴史研究家ジニーさん”こと阿南・ヴァージニア・史代が誘う歴史散歩。千年の都に刻まれた「樹と石と水の物語」をひもときながら、北京再発見の旅へ出かけてみませんか?本書に登場するポイントを網羅し、散策に役立つ「北京市全域」「海淀区・石景山区」「北京市中心部」の3種の地図、ジニーさん厳選のコース「おすすめ樹の散歩」「私の新北京八景」を所載。 Find out more >>

Walks Among Beijing’s Venerable Trees
(2010, China Intercontinental Press, English)

It is hoped that through these walks there will be a growing appreciation of the special role these trees have as Beijing’s living history and that this awareness will help encourage us all to respect the environment of these “statesmen” of long ago so that they can continue their life spans to meet the generations to come.This book includes 10 tree walks, a chronology of Beijing history and a glossary of tree names, as well as photos, maps and access routes. Find out more >>

Articles by Virginia Stibbs Anami in Other Published Books

COMING SOON: “Buddhist Culture of Liao Nanjing”, (遼南京の仏教文化雑記)< コラム>,アジア遊学: 契丹 勉誠出版, Tokyo,(Japanese) 2012

Interview:”What Ennin Experienced in Tang China” and columns:”Scenery of Oga Peninsula that is Similar to China’s Shidao Bay”,”Yamadera also has a Sekizan Myoojin Site”,”Ennin Green Road”, many Anami photos within On Pilgrimage Walks to Old Temples Related to Jikaku Daishi Ennin (慈覚大師円仁と行く、ゆかりの古寺巡礼), Diamond Publ.Tokyo, Japan (Japanese), 2012.ISBN 978-4-478-99827-4

“Ennin’s Seven Days of Silence” (円仁日記ー七日間の沈黙), Materials on Ennin and a Stone Stele (円仁と石刻の資料学), Kooji Shuin Press,Tokyo Japan (Japanese), 2011.11.
ISBN 978-4-86215-102-5

“Traces of Monk Ennin’s Journey in Shandong Province”, Dengzhou and Maritime Silk Road, People Press, Beijing,(Chinese) 2009.4. ISBN 978-7-01-007878-6

“Encounters with Korean Communities of Tang China Depicted in Monk Ennin’s Diary”, Sillasa Hakpo (Studies of Silla History Society), vol.13 , Seoul, Korea (Korean and English) 2008.8. ISBN 1738-2742

“The Spirit of the Dunhuang Caves Continues Today”(敦煌洞窟のスピリットを現代に, Angels of the Silk Road (シルクロードの飛天たち), Random House-Kodansha-CME Codex, 2008, pp.8~9 (Japanese) ISBN978-4-270-00427-2

“Three Names, Three Homes”, Enjoying Every Day in China: Interviews with Wives of Ambassador’s to China, China Intercontinental Press, 2006.4, pp.47~57 (English and Chinese) ISBN 7-5085-0907-2

Other Books and Pamphlets by Virginia Stibbs Anami

Ennin Jikaku Daishi 838-2012, Virginia Stibbs Anami Historical Pictures and Ye Xue’s Buddhist Paintings.China and Japan Buddhist Culture Exchange (1,200 Years!), (English and Chinese)

Pamphlet for joint exhibition in Beijing, Songzhuang, Xiaopucun , 2012.4~5

On 1,000 Year Old Paths: Finding Liao and Jin Dynasty Buddhist Relics in Today’s Beijing
Text V. Anami, Photos V. Anami and K. Liu. Tokyo, 1998

Kenta, My Life in Japan
translated by Virginia Anami, International Society for Educational Information, Tokyo, 1990.

Nishimachi Crossroads of Culture
Nishimachi International School, 1982, second edition 1992

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